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Post by jacobandjess on Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:15 am

Minecraft In-Game-Name: jacobandjess
Your Skype: djwilson1199
Age: 16
Timezone: i live in California
Country: United states
How Mature are you: out of 1-10 i would say 9
Time Dedication: i will spend as much as i can which is almost 12 hours per day
Do You Get Along With People: I get along really well
Do you play on any other servers? If so, which one: No not really i have been looking for servers that i could become staff on
Why Do You Want This Rank: I wont this rank because i think i am a good person and a good minecraft player that should experience being staff on a server. I think it would be fun and challenging.
Will You Enforce Rules: Yes i will enforce rules but not ban someone if this is there first or second offense. I do not Ban people unless they deserve it.
Will You Prefer Members Over Others: No i will consider all the players but if they are not a member i will encourage  them to be.
Other Comments: If i become staff on your server i will be mature and respect everyone. I will encourage people to donate and people to become a member. I think that i will be an excellent staff and try my best to improve your server. I am very kind to everyone and do not have favorites. I will do everything that you ask without having to be asked twice. Thanks have a great day and i hope i can become one of your staff members.
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