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Post by DiamondsDimons on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:53 pm

Minecraft In-Game-Name: DiamondsDimons
Your Skype: (I have skype, But my Mic is broken, Sounds Shkreachy, But i can chat, Just msg me for my skype.)
Age: 15.
Timezone: EST
Country: Canada
How Mature are you: I am a really mature guy, I code bukkit plugins, etc. I love helping players out, It's just me Smile
Time Dedication: I can play around 5 hours a day, So around 35 Hours per week Smile
Do You Get Along With People: Yes! Like i said, I get along with people good, I love helping, And i really love helping people!  Razz 
Do you play on any other servers? If so, which one: Lichcraft, And some other 2 that i'm admin on, But i look foward to this one Smile
Why Do You Want This Rank: I want to help people out, I find this is a good server, I can help code Custom Plugins and also help towards making better spawns, etc.
Will You Enforce Rules: Yes, I will.
Will You Prefer Members Over Others: I will always respect higher ranks, But members are so fun to get along with <3  What a Face 
Other Comments: I code JavaScript and also i code custom bukkit plugins, Really mature, Nice guy. I play TTT , Gmod, And CS:GO Too! Smile
(#MultiCommunity) Thanks Smile
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DiamondsDimons's Mod App Empty Re: DiamondsDimons's Mod App

Post by barat4 on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:56 pm

You have a lot of potential Diamonds, I will take you in our staff group as a coder and a builder! Have fun !

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