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Post by Prodigous on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:54 pm

This new thing is great!  bravo 
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Forum Updates! Empty Forum Updates!

Post by Smile4Thecαмεяα on Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:58 am

As you can probably see, some things on the forums have been altered for the Holidays. Note, this is something I plan to do for every big controversial holiday. The banner at the top has been altered in general, the terrorist will now stay there permanent and the fireworks should be removed shortly after new years passes.
Also, you'll notice some stuff going on with the rank images & titles. View the thread below to learn more & please take the time to post there.

I've also created a matching button for the "MOTD" that use to stand out in the navigation bar.
You'll also notice that the site link re-directs to the TCG Portal now, which is basically like the forums Main Page.
There you can login to the forums, steam, find updates, server information, donation information, and there's much more features undergoing maintenance.

You might also notice a profile field called "Activity Points" which are basically points awarded for a users activity.
You can gain points from posting, creating a topic, filling out profile information, adding an avatar, signature, etc. You gain a small amount of points for all the little things you do. Some actions are worth more points then others.

You can be awarded activity points from Superadmins+ for completing task, helping out, and whatever they basically see fit reward-able in that way.
I hope you all take time to check-out some of the new stuff we have going on, and stay active on our forums here.

-Smile4out  smugcross

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