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JacksonJRB's Rank Application Empty JacksonJRB's Rank Application

Post by JacksonJRB on Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:09 pm

Steam Name: JacksonJRB
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51536856

What rank are you applying for?
Answer: Moderator

How long have you been with us?
Answer: A little over 3 weeks.

How old are you?
Answer: 14

Why do you deserve this rank position?
- I want to improve the community and server.
- I deal with situations swiftly and fairly.
- I know/teach all of the rules to others.
- I don't get upset easily and am a very optimistic person.
- I'm not bias and treat everyone equally.
- I don't harass or disrespect other players or staff members.
- I'm active on the forums and server.
- I am qualified for the rank.

Do you understand that anyone above your rank should be followed if given advice or warning?
Answer: Yes, I understand.

Have you ever been banned from our server? If so, for what reason?
Answer: Yes, I was banned once for a few hours because I shot a barrel and it hurt someone and then I left to go eat dinner because I hadn't noticed. I was unbanned as soon as I explained the situation to the owners.
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JacksonJRB's Rank Application Empty Re: JacksonJRB's Rank Application

Post by Wumbo on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:49 pm

Rank Application Requirements were written incorrectly.

From now on you must have 2 weeks as a Junior Moderator to apply for Moderator.

This is Denied. You may apply in 7 days, when you have been a Jr. Moderator for 2 weeks.


JacksonJRB's Rank Application UIMjczd
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