• Breaking rules may result in warnings or even banishment from the community.

  • Respect all players.

  • Spamming is prohibited.

  • Advertising of any kind is prohibited.

  • Do not post duplicate threads on forums.
  • Exploiting is prohibited.
  • Hacking is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

Innocents Traitors Detectives
M16 Knife SW 500
MAC10 Silent AWP Riot Shield
Silent Sniper c4 UMP

Rank Description
Owner The founder and overseer of this community. Everyone reports to him.
Administrator Second in command, the group of members who deals with the communities day to day affairs.
Moderator Moderates the Forums & Servers. Third in command.
Donor Members whose $10 or more to our community.
Rank Rank description
Rank Rank description
Zombie Players Players who have registered on the forums and became a member of our great community.

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