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TTT Server Shutting Down Empty TTT Server Shutting Down

Post by Wumbo on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:09 pm

As most of you know, our higher ranking staff all came from another TTT server. We have all put so much time into the server and TTT that it almost feels like we have to force ourselves to get on. Because of this, we don't have anybody on the server and we have made the decision to ditch TTT completely. Since nobody plays it anymore, there is no point in spending money on the server. However, the community will still be here, and we still have Minecraft. We may decide to create another server for another game eventually, but for now, the TTT server will be taken down.

The TTT server will stay up until the end of February.

If anybody has any questions or suggestions for a new game or game mode we can set up a server for, message me on steam. If enough people want to, we can bring the server back up maybe in the near future.

We still need to expand the community so please invite your friends to the servers, teamspeak and Minecraft, and encourage them to join the forums and post on them.


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