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Minecraft Rank Application Format Empty Minecraft Rank Application Format

Post by FrailBoyMike on Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:41 pm


When making a rank application, please take it seriously. This means you should put effort into your application and show us you are mature and professional.
If you act immature on your application you may be denied without warning.
Use the format below when applying for a rank.

Minecraft In-Game-Name:
Your Skype:
How Mature are you:
Time Dedication:
Do You Get Along With People:
Do you play on any other servers? If so, which one:
Why Do You Want This Rank:
Will You Enforce Rules:
Will You Prefer Members Over Others:
Other Comments:

If you do not use the proper format, your application will be denied within 24 hours.

When commenting on a rank application, you have 3 options.

+support, -support, or +/-neutral

"He is helpful." is not a good reason to +support.
"He reports rule breakers, helps out staff members and new players, and follows the rules." is a proper reason to +support.

"I don't like him." is not a good reason to -support.
"He breaks the rules and is disrespectful to other players" is the a good reason to -support someone.

If you are unsure whether to +support or -support, please vote +/-Neutral
You cannot do anything wrong with a +/-Neutral

Remember the Superadmins and Owners have the final say in everything!

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